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What are break dance gradings?

The MBD gradings are a progressive syllabus designed to help your child reach achievable goals in break dance, whilst increasing their skills, strength, flexibility, confidence and motivation. Each time a student successfully completes a grading, they will receive a badge to represent the level they have achieved.



Are break dance gradings compulsory?

Break dance gradings are optional, however "nothing ventured, nothing gained". Gradings are not only about improving your skills as a dancer, but also learning about performing under pressure, dealing with the nerves of being under the spotlight and being able to succeed under test conditions. All of these skills are useful in many aspects of everyone’s lives.

There are 9 levels in the MBD syllabus, Level 2 is the highest level any ungraded student can learn in class. This is due to the strength, flexibility and coordination requirements of the higher levels; some moves are too dangerous to attempt without a proper foundation of knowledge and skill to support them.


How do I know if my child is ready to attempt a grading?

Your child's MBD teacher will be able to tell you if they are ready to attempt a grading. Teacher approval is definitely recommended before attempting a grading, and is a requirement for any double grading attempts. Students are not permitted to attempt any more than two levels at in one grading.


Who is adjudicating the MBD gradings?

MBD founder and co-director Michael Fox (aka: Bboy Flyin’ Foxy) is the head adjudicator and has the final say in all grading results. A World Representative and National Break Dance Champion with a long list of titles (see Biography here), Foxy is keen to provide students with constructive feedback to help push their dancing to the next level.


What happens after the grading?

Every student who attempts a grading will receive written personalised feedback from MBD adjudicators. This feedback takes time to compile and so grading results are not announced on the day. Feedback is handed out during class a couple of weeks after the grading event. This is done in a sealed envelope to maintain privacy.

If they pass, your child will earn the badge for the level they are graded in. They can then move onto the next level of syllabus in the following term with confidence knowing they have the foundations required to support them.

mbd break dance grading badge

What happens if they don't pass?

Not everyone passes a test the first time around. This applies in all areas of life as it does with MBD gradings. MBD badges are not a participation award and students must attain a minimum 50% score in every criterion in order to pass a grading (see “What’s involved in a grading?” below).

Students are welcome to attempt a level grading as many times as they need. Those re-attempting a level will receive 50% off the fee (not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts).

For example:

Level 1 = $30
Level 1 retry = $15


How much does it cost?

  • Level 1: $30

  • Level 2: $35

  • Level 3: $40

  • Level 4: $45

  • Level 5: $50

  • Level 6: $55

  • Level 7: $60

  • Level 8: $65

  • Level 9: $70

Students attempting an MBD approved double grading are eligible for a 20% discount (not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts).

Students re-attempting a level grading will receive 50% off the fee (not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts).

Grading registration fees are non-refundable and are non-transferable. Fees cannot be credited to your account for future use. The only instance in which a refund will be provided is in case of injury or illness that will prevent a grading attempt.


How often are MBD gradings?

MBD Gradings are at the end of Terms 1, 2 & 3 at a selected location. This provides a great opportunity for students to meet break dancers from other studios and schools as MBD has teachers and classes in over 30 locations throughout Melbourne. Subscribe to our email newsletter here for updates on the next grading date and location.


What's involved in an MBD grading?

There are 4 categories that each require a minimum score of 50% in order to achieve a pass.

  • Strength - push ups or strength freezes

  • Flexibility – one or more stretches that is to be held for 30 seconds

  • Routine - a routine with the appropriate level moves

  • Battle - timed battle that is to showcase the appropriate level moves.


On the day…  

  • Arrive 30mins prior to advertised running time. This will allow you to find parking, sign in, and warm up. Gradings run very tightly to schedule and we cannot accept any later comers.

  • Please do not talk to MBD adjudicators during the gradings. They must give their full attention to the students they are grading, and it is not fair for others to distract them.

  • Students are welcome to bring their level flyer with them to help remind them of level appropriate moves between assessments.

  • Do not cross the dance floor! This is for everyone’s safety. Parents of young children, please ensure children do not run though the dance floor.

  • No flash photography. This can be very distracting and even dangerous for the dancers.

  • Due to time restraints students are only permitted one attempt at each criterion.

  • If you do take photos &/or videos and upload them to social media, please tag @MelbourneBreakDance and #mbdgradings so we can find your pics.


After the grading…

  • Students will receive grading results in a sealed envelope during their dance class . Students under 16years of age must be accompanied by a parent in order to open their grading results.

  • No student shall receive their results earlier than their class mates.

  • MBD reserves the right to publish the name, age and results of any student who achieves a High Distinction or any other notable achievement.

  • If you require any assistance interpreting grading feedback, please see your MBD teacher.